What happens when you leave six guests alone with a camera to answer five philosophical questions?

What makes a good chat show? The guests? The questions? The host? Perhaps the set design? All thoughts that floated through my head as I put together my first “Show Bible” designed to impress not the commissioners,(a gated community beyond my reach), but the most important part of the puzzle for me, the DOP. The person that would be responsible for shooting, editing and styling my show. With a modest format, my focus concentrated on my questions, questions I was quietly confident would draw out in depth responses, from even the most introverted personality. Where have you been in life? Where are you going in life? What is your greatest fear? Would you change anything about yourself? If you had a theme song, what would it be? And so the cameras rolled. What happened next was delightfully special and surprising. On one hand a flow of commonality, on the other, massive differences in perspective, experience, and expression. Once my work as a producer was done, and the rushes appeared, now I witnessed each guest as a viewer myself. I watched as each contributor, coming from varying backgrounds, professional arenas and generations, approached all five questions with an intimate knowingness, that resulted in more of a quiet meaningful conversation with a good friend, than a piece to camera. Moments of raw revelations, moments of pure fun, and fleeting moments of fundamental reflection. All with each episode duration at seven minutes a piece.

So the big question for this producer is .. where is BEHIND THE TRUTH going in 2021? Is there room for a small web series, with big questions on Irish platforms, both social and mainstream? To make up your mind, why not view the show trailer and subscribe for all updates and episodes as they happen live from January 8th 2021 at https://youtu.be/1w2RE8qpkj0

What will you be watching in 2021?